One of Kilimanjaro's glaciers at sunrise, Christmas morning, 2009.


General Information

Name: Neil Yager

Date of birth: November 17, 1978

Hometown: North Vancouver, Canada

Current location: Vancouver, Canada

Citizenship: Australian and Canadian

Professional interests: I am interested in the application of image processing and statistical pattern recognition to real world problems. My background is primarily in biometrics, but I have experience with a number of other domains. Currently, I am also interested in machine learning and computational models of the human visual system.

General interests: Looking at the stars, traveling to remote places, fitness and the outdoors, history of science, delis, philosophy of mathematics, reading (my favorite fiction author is Halldór Laxness, and my favorite non-fiction author is Stephen Jay Gould), dill, doom and ambient black metal, secular humanism, poutine, ants, Sir Francis Galton, pale ale, the perception of color, biographies of eccentric people, the Vinland Sagas, the mind-body problem, and on and on...