2007 - Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Thesis title: Hierarchical Fingerprint Verification
University: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

2003 - Masters of Engineering Science (MEngSc)

Thesis topic: Road recognition from remotely sensed images
Research area: Image processing and artificial intelligence
University: University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia

2001 - Bachelor of Computer Science(BSc)

Degree: Computer science, with a specialization in algorithms and computational complexity
University: University of Victoria, Victoria, Canada

Honours and awards

2008 - The Malcolm Chaikin Prize for Research Excellence in Engineering

This award is given to the doctoral student who is judged to have produced the best PhD thesis from the Faculty of Engineering at the UNSW in 2007.

2002-2006 - Australian Postgraduate Award Scholarship

2002 - UNSW Supplementary Engineering Award Scholarship

2000 - The President's Scholarship for Part-Time Undergraduate Students

1997 - UVic First Class Honours Standings

1996 - UVic Entrance Scholarship